​​We get it, poop happens and it stinks. Are you over the nappy changes and just want to start getting your kid to poo in the loo? Do you want to avoid ' wee puddles' on your carpet, the daycare floors, your mother-in-laws couch, the carseat?

We have got everything you need to get it sorted!  Liberating you from the never ending washing pile and getting your child "owning the throne"

Imagine your child leaving their toys, walking down the hallway, catching their poo in the loo all by themselves, flushing, washing and getting on with life.

Let's make your dream a reality....Here's how....
We have scowered the globe and been testing to bring you the latest technology and products designed to make the transition from nappies to using the loo as smooth as possible. 
Whether you don't know where to start, or you have hit a brick wall and don't know what to do next...it is so worth getting some help. 
Gather your coffee group, centre or parenting group and book a private workshop. Or find a list of the up and coming workshops for you to join.

Want help? Here's a great place to start

Timing is everything, it can be a major contributor in how long toilet training takes.  In this free webinar, you will find out:

1. When is the best time to start to encourage your child out of nappies.

2. Learn some great ideas for how to get your child ready so the transition out of nappies is not as daunting

You don't even have to leave home, grab your glass of wine or coffee and join us from your computer.

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